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Inserting workbooks in documents and forms To exchange information between Lotus Notes and Excel, you can insert an Excel workbook as an embedded object in a Notes document or form. In documents, a workbook is inserted as an embedded object in an editable rich text field. You can also insert a workbook as an embedded object when you create a Notes form. For example, if you want to create multiple Notes documents that contain the same embedded workbook, insert the embedded workbook when you create the Notes form. In this way, the embedded workbook already exists within each new Notes document or form you create from the existing form.

Importing Excel data into a document or form To include data from a workbook in a document or form, you can import the data. When you import Excel data into a document or form, only the data is copied into the document or form. The workbook itself is not included in the document or form, and no link is maintained with the original workbook that supplied the data.

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