The New Generation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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Microsoft now comes with the latest software, Visual Studio 2010. Even though it’s not launching yet, they already speak the details of newest items in this latest software. This software which does provide application development platform will add with some assistance to improve the application. This software, as you know, is a new generation of Visual Studio 2008. The important things that you can see in this software are modeling and testing.

Visual Studio 2010 also contains program that will make application developers, software architects, and tester join together with more easy way through Visual Studio Team System 2010. This program also used to call with Rosario code. Another plus point, Visual Studio 2010 also introduce you a new stuff that must be useful for the customers. It’s similar like airplane black box. It will record every single situation when the test does. Thus, tester can see the log during the test in order to investigate some bugs and all mistaken layer.

This Visual Team System 2010 also gives modeling strategy called Oslo. This item ever told in Touched Conference for the first time. This Architecture Explorer item will provide a diagram of the making of application process. This program will carry on UML (Unified Modeling language).

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