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Website is a tool to support the campaign, not the main campaign tool. Access to the website need an Internet connection and computer. This is very different from the other major media campaign: cards, posters, stickers, banners, brochures, print media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids, etc.) and electronic media (radio and TV). So the content of the website can not only move the content of the media campaign in other sites. Of course, that is my goal here, not a portal similar sites.

So why do we need if we berpromosi website? Because the potential client information requires more than just a media campaign in the other. This is also why the website should be designed with good and can the image of the products / services that we do.
As a means of supporting the campaign, the website has the following advantages:
• Information and full details of our products and services.
Compare with the ad (which has limited space) even in a card. By viewing the card listed an address website, customers can access our Web site before contacting us to be able to detect more about us. Examples of other electronic products, as in the ad is a short time, but we can on the website to write detailed technical spesification.
• Give the image that will give both to customers
At the moment we visited the site, customers will catch on our image. Sites with content / content will attract interest from potential customers to contact directly. Copy Writer role here is very necessary for the site seriously. While other media also in focus, the website is more than content that can be much more.
• Content that is always up-to-date
Visitors will always be confronted with the most recent information from the products / services that we, because we always update the information. For the media campaign, the most we should redesign.
• An identity
Currently, the website address to an identity. Each e-mail using the domain extension of our website. Is very difficult at this moment, if the company does not have the address of the website. Most are not alone destined for the sender.
• Internet users get more and more
I think this trend is not to do the record again

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