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If you are true gamer. You must be wanted to win in every single game. But, through the gamer community, we know that, mostly gamers love to play in such a big screen. They said the success of play a game is big quality screen. If you a player that trust the way they think, you must try this latest product,

Here is a new big screen for gamers from Acer. Acer G24 is a must for people who want to call true gamer. This latest LCD monitor is a wide screen 24 inches size, that special made for true gamer. Or exactly true gamer that have much money. This monitor has contras ratio 50.000:1, its screen resolution 1920 x 1200, brightness 400cd/m2 and response time 2ms (milliseconds). Of course with benefits like this, makes the LCD screen a best friend for true gamers. You will satisfy and maybe forget the time if you always win the games because using Acer G24.

Beside all specification that could makes you win in all your favorite games, this monitor also carry on HDMI and the other ACER CrystalBrite item which can make a brighter views and sharp without any disturb. Unfortunately, it’s not launch yet and no information about the price.

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