SPC Note SQ142 Cheap Notebook for Low Budget

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SPC is a Brand that first appears in products speakers and chassis, but now SPC introducing of their notebook “SPC Note” this notebook is cheaper than other notebook series, they targeting low budget market, Note SQ142 series with Dual Core T2370 1.73 GHz processor to become one of the SPC, which have reliable.

From the design surface, you will soon know that the notebook screen 14 "is made by OEM. Design and the key chassis it is very standard, the appearances that very conventional visible from the port connection, touchpad, and the key input. Five key shortcuts on the left side of the keyboard feels too small and heavy, that is less comfortable, the connection provide TV-out, FireWire, and card reader, SQ142 include a slot closed (option) that can be used as a port replicator that not too important unless you want to add a variety of connections I / O is more complete.

With the price of $500-$700 SQ142-T2370F compete with the strict entry-level players such as Anote and Advan. This kind of economic model generally only include the Linux operating system or Free DOS, but the driver and application support for Windows systems still included in it, to make consumers more comfortable on the guarantee, SPC is provide warranty service for 3 years is quite long enough compared to competitors.

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