The Small Stylish Notebook from HP

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Here is the new first Notebook from Hewlett-Packard. With aluminium chasing, Mini Note 2133 looks so strong but the other side also stylish. Needs time to know, is its physic as tough as the look. But when they tried to prove it with some hard action to the computer, nothing happened to its figure.

If we look at Mini Note’s keyboard, we can se the HP seriousness. The size of keyboard almost similar with the notebook (92%), compares with the other standard notebook keyboard size. And many customer say, that Mini Note 2133 is the most comfortable notebook to type. MiniNote 2133 also looks special because of the location of Express Card expansion slot. This expansion facility is unavailable in the other notebook. This is a good benefit for the customer that would add some plus facility such as: TV Turner or cell modem. Another connector that provide in this MiniNote are USB (2) and SD card reader.

Another special facility from this notebook is the resolution which’s reach 1280x600 pixel. This is the best resolution that unavailable in the other notebook. The other note book only provides 1024x600pixel. Too bad, Hewlett Packard chooses to use VIA C7M 1, 2 GHz processor. From the result of test, it shows this processor performs below Intel Atom or Celeron. Particularly, this notebook using Windows Vista (Basic Edition) that we know, it’s so heavy.

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