Basic Java Programming

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Writing and executing a Java program
In the high-level programming languages such as C + +, you write programs in a format that can read human, and the program calls for the compiler translated into a binary format called executeable code where the computer can understand and can mengeksekusinya. Executable code depending on the engine's computer, where you use for executing programs; this is a dependency of the engine. In Java, this process of executing the program to write it exactly the same but with one important difference that membolehkanmu write java programs without dependence to the engine. To understand the difference page, see the terms Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Write a Java program
Java program that you write and contains a collection of instructions written in text format, according to the rules of the java programming language. These instructions called source code. The file that contains instructions is called the source file and have the extension. Java. You can use a text editor such as notepad to create and edit the source file java.

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