Introduction to Java

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Welcome to Java. This chapter starts explain what java-feature, and describes the features that distinguish it from other programming languages.
What is Java

In discussing Java, is important to distinguish between the Java programming language, Java Virtual Machine, and the Java platform. The Java programming language is the language in which Java applications, applets, and servlet components written. When a Java program dikompile. he converted to byte code language that is easy to run the engine on the CPU architecture known as Java Virtual Machine (also known as the Java VM or JVM). JVM can be implemented on the hardware, diimplementasilan but he is usually in the form of a software program that translates and executing byte code.

Java Platform is berdeda of the Java language and the Java VM. The Java platform is a collection of Java Class-Class, which has been described in each of the existing installation of Java; class-class can be used by any Java program. The Java platform are also sometimes appointed as the Java runtime environment or the core Java APIs (application programming interface). Java paltform can be expanded with optional packages (previously called the extension of the standard). APIs, APIs in the Java installation of some but not all are guaranteed in the installation.
Java Programming Language

Java Programming Language is a benchmark, object-oriented language that has the same syntax as C. In the language pendesain strive to make the Java language powerful, but at the same time, they try to avoid the feature-feature, which is very complicated. By maintaining the language of simplicity, the designers also make it easy for programmers to write the perfect code, free from bugs. As a result of the elegant design and features next-generation features, the Java language has proved kepopulerannya be a programmer, specifically to find joy in working with Java after more tries hard on the language of the less powerful.
Java Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine or the Java interpreter, is the most important part of every installation of Java. By design, Java programs are portable, but only portable platform to the existing Java interpreternya. Sun send impelementasi Virtual Machine for any operation Solaris, Ms.. Windows and Linux platforms. Many other vendors, including Apple and unix various commercial vendors, providing interpreters for Java plaform them.

Although interpreters, interpreters are not specifically consider the high-performance system, the Java VM Performance has been proven

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