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Ulead Coll 3D studio is a program to create 3d animation easily. Ulead Cool 3D Studio is equipped with various 3d models, movie background, templates and tools that are very interesting. Ulead Cool 3D Studio can we use to combine text and video, garfik for the rendering of a video or animation format that can be read by other programs.
Merit software Ulead Cool 3D Studio is we can use an existing template and then change some text, can generate the impression that 3d animation professionals.

Create 3D animations Fire

*Open a new file, with a new way of pressing the button or click on the file - new
*Text input with the way, click on the insert text on the toolbar objeck

Click Finish after Ok

Log in to EasyPalette Then select the Global Effects, Click on a fire in effects and want to double-click or drag in the text.

To see the results, click on the play animation toolbar. To re-animation, animation loop on the toolbar at the switch.

For rendering the results we projeck to file in a format that can be read in other software, click on the file, create animation files, and then click the Save name entries.

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