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CSS works as a complement to the HTML. If you're new to learn HTML, then try to learn as well as CSS. And you will be surprised with the result ..!
CSS allows web developers to separate the HTML from the rules to form a view website. But often, people learn a new HTML, pooh-pooh the power and flexibility of a css.

And what style sheet (css) is actually? I actually use? and how to use them?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to complete the HTML file, and the main task is to set the rules look / style that will be used on a website.

CSS was introduced to the development of the website in 1996. CSS name derived from the fact that any declaration of a different style can be placed in sequence, which will then form a parent-child relationships in each style.

After distandarisasikan CSS, Internet Explorer and Netscape's latest browser release those who have the most appropriate or not is almost close to the CSS standard.

CSS is a stand-alone document and can be included in the HTML code or a referral by mejadi HTML pendefinisian in style. Kode2 use CSS to set a structured style pda or HTML elements can also be used to create a new style which is called class.

CSS can change the size of the text, change the background color on a page, or you can also change the color of border in the table, and many more things that can be done by CSS. In short, CSS is used to set the order of appearance of the HTML pages.

CSS can be used to replace , , and, as the following:
css file a reference can be a lot of HTML pages. Only 1 lines of code required to do so. This means that will minimize file2 HTML that will be made.
If you want to change the website has been created, then that needs to be done to change the line-only lines of code in the css its course, without the need to work especial HTML files it.
CSS can set many attributes on a page easily. For example: the color background, border, shadow, which is different on each tag is used.

Now, we will try to see how the css is working. For that, we need a text editor (notepad, WordPad, Ms word, all depending on masing2 favorite), and of course a web browser



<title> Tanpa CSS </title>



<h1>tag H1</h1>



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