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Animation is the process of creation strength or motion effects of the changes that occur for some time. Animation can be the subject of a movement that one place
place to another, perubahaan color or shape (called "Morphing")
Flash animation can be done in two ways, namely:
1. Frame by frame
2. Tweening
Frame by frame Animation (animation frame by frame) Basic form of animation is frame-by-frame animation. Animation frame by frame asks a lot of photos to be made. Effects animation is made with the image with the image of another for some time. Sample animation frame by frame can be seen on Help | Samples | flour. All images moving images, made from different framenya each. Because animation frames per frame, a unique image of each framenya the animation frames per frame is ideal for creating an entertainment complex, which consists of many perubahaan such as facial expressions. Weakness of animation frames per frame is needed a lot of time to each image and a large file size.
In Flash, a frame that is a unique image that is called keyframe. Animation frame by frame that is unique to each framenya, this each is framenya keyframe.

Add keyframe
If you have a keyframe on the timeline, highlight the frame and then do one of some of the following ways:
1. Right-click and select Insert keyframe.
2. Select Insert | keyframe in the menu.
3. Press F6 on your keyboard.

Make animation frames per frame
Under this will be demonstrated that the process of animation frames per frame:

1. Select the frame where you start the animation frame by frame.
2. If not in the form a keyframe, create a keyframe in a way Select the Insert menu | keyframe (F6).
3. Picture or import photos from your first keyframe sequence in this picture.
4. Then click the next frame and a keyframe another. Change content of the keyframe to the next photo.
5. Make the addition of keyframe and change the content to you animation intact. At the end teslah animation with your back to the frame the first menu and then select Control | Play

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