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You may ask, what script and what the point.?, The training I have been implementing over one of the functions of the script in a flash, you just try writing over again., No care. Still, remind the "stop ();" in the exercise above ..!, Is one of the flash in the works to stop the recurrence of flash animation.
If you are familiar with JavaScript commands it is not something strange. And when you are quite advanced in the JavaScript programming language, of course you will not be difficult to understand scripts that are in a flash, because the basic programming is taken from the syntax-language syntax JAVA and C. Moreover, when you advanced with a JAVA applet may be information I can not ignore this.

The script or command in the flash SOTHINK, SWISH, ANTECHINUS and Macromedia Flash diadobsi from the same language, namely Java Programming Language. It is more special JAVA language used to create animated Java applet that is known by the name ACTION SCRIPT. So, as I describe above, if you are skilled in language and JAVA JAVA applet certainly will not be difficult to memahi commands in a flash.

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