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Animation can be added to the web page in the form of animated GIF or video embedded. The most popular format for the web is a Shockwave animation FLASH (SWF), usually generate in-use Macromedia Flash, animation in the form of vectors.
SWF animation requires a lower bandwidth than video and bitmap format. The price must be paid with a lower bandwidth this animation is not fully supported vekor / can be displayed than the bitmap (need to plug in special).
More than just Flash animation program. Flash scripting language support, which is called Action Script, so dimungkingkan to create animation and interactive web applications with Flash userinterface form.

Timeline and Stage
Animation created in Flash organized with the timeline (the graphic representation consisting of a collection of frames). Animation can be created on a single frame at a time, adding key frames on the timeline sekuensial.
Stage is a sub-window in which the frame is made with the objects reflect. Objects can be made using the drawingtool (almost the same as Illustrator and Corel), import from other applications (BMP, JPG, PNG, on auto-trace), the animated text (outline font).
Layer can be used to organize elements of the frame (background layer, layer plants, the cloud layer, layer ...) Flash interface contains vector drawing tools, host of palletes (color mixing, alignment, applying transformations, setting typographics options, ....)

Symbol and Tweening
Objects can be stored in the library in the form of a special, called a symbol, so it can be restarted. Some instance symbol can be placed on the stage. Symbol can ditransformasi (size, orientation).
Tween motion can be made with a number of ways. The easiest way? Tweening results can be seen on the timeline as the arrow in the beginning and end of the keyframe is selected.
Motion tweening? Movement image is determined first by creating a motion path.
Shape tweening? Known as morphing. Changes in the form of an object into a new form.

Three kinds of symbols in Flash:
1. Graphic symbol. Simply reusable vector objects. Used for motion tweening.
2. Button symbol. Used to create interactive part.
3. Movie clip symbol. Animation that can be added to the main movie.

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