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Website media is the most easily and quickly in the publishing organizations, and private companies. This is a media favorite at this time because it will quickly become useful or even vice versa. Website does not become a integral part of the image of the company so that necessary circumspection in determining the design and content.

In the construction required some knowledge / skills standards so that the website generated raise the image of the company. Writing this as a basis for beginners to start is to build the website and start entering a new horizon that can improve your skills and income.

To get started, you need to know and possess some knowledge of the software are:

1. Planning website

This process is an initial plan in the web page and the entire web. Starting with collecting all data and information and the result is a "sitemap" begins with the design and layout (layout) page, usually done designing the page layout front and second page. In designing this page is some important components are usually signed in navigation, content, the planned location of image, copyright (the footer), components of the website and other things that need to be considered. Software that is normally used: Microsoft Visio, and author their own use ConceptDraw Webwave (

2. Web Page Design Basics

Based on the above matters further we started to design the web with planning to translate the software design, the skill that must diperdalam is typografi (ability to choose the appropriate font), page layout (to control the ability to share space page), colors (to control the selection of colors and color based on the company's color theory and mixing colors). Software used one of Adobe Photoshop, learn by making key / navigation, background, working with text, image manipulation / image, and particularly deepen techniques website design. Many free resources that can be found at the website specifically to learn about the website, you can search for the search engines with the keyword "photoshop tutorials for the web." To facilitate your web design, the writers have provide a web ie, you live and download the modification of the display website that you want.

3. Advanced Web Page Design

To put a web page about the results of the design above, it is necessary to change the web page in HTML, and needed a software package that is one of Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver, which is helping the pages converted to HTML design. In addition to Dreamweaver many other similar software such as Microsoft FrontPage. Photoshop also like to learn Dreamweaver many tutorials available for free. If you want to quickly find it easy to please Dreamwever book about this book store.

4. Making Video, Flash, Shockwave and Audio

Currently, many software used to create video, flash, audio and shocwave which aims to create a website look more slick and powerful. This combination of several components we call the web with animated and detailed plans are needed to animation made appropriate and in accordance with the content of the website. While the election for the software depends on the level of complexity of web animation, this time for frequently used is Adobe Flash.

Therefore, some basic expertise / skills that must be held to a web designer / webmaster, and experts needed to become a training its origins and to get the project self-build project in the real website.

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