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Flash is a sotware used to create an animation. With Flash we could have a website or the screen of a computer's life. Not easy to learn flash, unlike the fantasy also necessary to understand the script. We can only but an animation without the use of the script, but the resulting file is large, it affects the loading or loading data in the workstation or the client.
In addition to the flash can also Compuserver with an animation files, POISON files usually this end, for Windows users, Microsoft uses animation engine tersendri called Active X. There is also a special language pemrogaman to an animated Java applet, for example. even when you are in an advanced pemrogaman such as C, Pascal, Visual Basic and many others, can be found.
In this tutorial SSC want you as a user of this site, namely the flash animation techniques to create a simple and easy. For that I take this tutorial for you.

Ok let's begin with this tutorial, but you have to prepare the material for this tutorial. What materials, he just better not to terlewatkan a bahanpun.
1. Key software for creating a flash animation that is Sothink SWF Quicker that you can download for free on http://www.sothink.com, click on the link in the right columns for downloadnya.
2. Software to edit the picture or photo, such as Adobe Photoshop CS, if not used Paint program in Windows can.
3. Flash Player 7.0, which can be downloaded at http://www.macromedia.com, click on the link in the right columns for downloadnya.
4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, FireFox 1.5 or Opera 8.0 to publish the results of the *. swf files in the browser.
5. Paper, including paper and pen.
6. Coffee drinking a cup of coffee as you want, when I want, milk can also be, or how sweet tea.,. Put it is up to you alone
How do. Ready material. If the delay is not only an explanation for this morning, as they have let us continue. Oo there is a question, why use sothink swf faster, but I use Macromedia Flash MX or programs mentioned above, such as C or Visual Basic language enough. To .., tutorials for the program is not authorized by the SPC to be published, so I trust nrimo, a new study that may later advanced SPC will reduce tutorials on these programs.
After you download the program from sothink, now you need a program to extract the downloaded file with WinZip or WinRar, puts the results exstrak file on another direktory after the installation sothink program on your computer, how a double click on the setup file . exe the results of the download and then click Yes if it continues for a headache during the installation process. But you need to take note and camkan good that the software is free only for the tests only for 30 days, 30 days after the use of software will not be used again, if you want to continue to use your software license must purchase.
Already installed on .., right now I just double-click the icon sothink swf faster didesktop appears after the software license and warning to the pilot testing of the software simply click on the button when the pilot-test the software that you have installed, is still active (30 days). After entry into the program will give you the option to create animation from a template, including: Blank document, album, Banner, Navigation button, and presentation. By using a template that you do not need the headache create a headache for the animation, but if you people are creative and want the animation is the result of artificial yourself, you can simply select Blank document.
I will not explain the function of the keys to these programs one by one (too long and not educate creativity), because later you may also be familiar with the buttons beside it, will also be discussed in our training.
Let us begin the project first. Click File - Save - type "Exercise 1" - save. then at the top of the program was no word so nameless Exercise 1. After you click the Save button blue arrows and then click the button LINE (pincil image on the right side of the existing form on the menu) to change the value 2 with a black color, then click the button at the bottom with a fox FILL solid color Orange. Then click the circle on the menu on the left. Place the cursor marked + in the Canvas and drop the cursor you are, but not great. it will be regarded as a circle of colored borders with Orange (Line Out) black. This may change according to your taste you want the colors red, white, green or whatever it just depends on your taste, why I ordered Orange colored the debate, because I like the color orange, I think the other bulldozer, because I do not like the color of the other alone.
After making ligkaran, now you try to try its own function of RECT ANGEL and so on. try-try that will not happen, nothing. if you do not like the first with the settings, you can press the Back button located on the top menu, then the previous settings that you will come back. Easy go.
We come back, now that you create the circle is now stored in the library. When the first time you run this program there will be a description of the yellow explain that your work was already in the library (the right side of the screen below). Circle, now you can remove by clicking on the circle and DEL key on the keyboard can also right-click with your mouse and select Delete. You do not worry about the loss of a circle with a climbing party to your last, because once stored in the library circle can call you again how, click on the shape of the library, the library will be at the top of the circle that you've made yesterday. Now click and hold the left mouse button and then take the circle was the canvas. So circle you just removed and Create will be back, it is important to remember you later because we will use the many features of the library, so you can easily know what the nature of the library that was created, you can name change by clicking the right mouse button on the dilibrary RENAME existing file and select the name change according to your taste, for example: replace the name with lingkaran1.
Until here, I think you already understand about making the circle, square box or five, etc., but if you want to try, try it yourself, I deliberately do not tell you to let you be creative and not swallow what crude MOCKS.

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